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In the We Positive creative labs, a flair for design is combined with a passion for traditional craftsmanship, becoming the means to welcome and express an approach to life for which optimism is its source of inspiration.

We Positive products are the result of a young, fresh idea that embraces different styles with many different options and colours.

Fashion accessories, expressions of Made in Italy quality, they can also be personalised corporate gifts that speak directly to the heart of the recipient.

A fashionable, positive gift

Create your corporate gift

Customize your bracelet


With our personalised products, you can give tangible shape to your ideas and make your gift unique. You can chose the bracelet or the credit card holder (Card Protector).


You can add the colours of your business, have a message engraved for the recipient and sign it with your logo..


 A personalised corporate gift that acquires further value with the special packaging created just for you.


Select product

you want to give



with your colors and your message


Sing It

with your logo


Pack it

with customized packaging

A fashion gift , a positive thought

The perfect occasion to surprise your clients

Any time is the right time!

Be it an event, the anniversary of your business or of an important date, all occasions are special, and you can make them unique leaving an indelible memory in the heart and mind of those who experience them alongside you.

We Positive
Business Gift

Our curiosity and constant research enable us to offer specific services that add value to your ideas.

Our services

  • Packaging just for you

    Personalised gift wrapping, made with meticulous care for the smallest details

  • Greeting cards

    Coordinated messages matching those engraved on the gift

  • Gift Message

    Cards to give alongside the gift


In what ways can products be personalised?

You can chose colours, add logos and text… Send us a request and our staff will focus on your needs to create a unique product for you. As these are personalised products, our own logo must feature on the product to comply with patenting regulations.

Which products can be personalised?

We Positive Bracelets and the We Positive Card Protector.

Do all gifts come in a gift box or wrap?

Yes, We Positive packaging is included in all gifts. Should you require personalised wrapping, we can create it following your requirements.

Do you also offer home delivery?

We can deliver personalised items to a series of address you provide us with. The services is available worldwide at attractive rates.

Do you organise delivery?

We can provide a service which includes worldwide delivery at attractive rates.

What is the minimum order?

It depends on the type of product you have chosen and on how you want to personalise it.
Generally it is 200 pieces with personalised colours and logo.

Contact us to create your company’s bracelet!

Office hours:

Mon-Fry: 8:00-19:00
Sat: Closed
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